"Boys are stupid"
Inlägget är på inte så perfekt Engelska men annars hade det förmodligen blivit hemsk Swenglih.
While living in London, I encountered some quite stupid people so here are some parts of conversations and thoughts from...
...the bar at a nightclub:
A guy comes up to me and tells me that I look like I've never been to a club before. "Ok? I have been, but that doesn't mean it's my scene." He starts to argue against me and says that I don't have to lie. Why would I lie? I think to myself. I don't give a sh*t about what this guy or any other idiot think. I don't remember what I said. Then he starts mocking my Swedish accent but then tells me "it's cute". Of course, the highlight was when he said "If you buy me a drink, you might get lucky toninght". Of course I said no. I mean dude, you came up to me? I've done nothing but try to end the conversation. Not the brightest person I've met... "home":
We had builders at the house for a few days and I started to notice one of the younger ones looking at me almost everytime we happened to be in the same room so I looked back to see if he wanted to say something. He never did. He literally just stared at me. Then maybe two or three days before they were done, he started to talk. He asked me if I had a boyfriend. Asked how old I was. Told me I looked younger... and so on. Then, when I was grabbing a towel from the airing cupboard to go swimming, he corners me and ask me if I have facebook and of cource I say I do. At first I didn't think of lying or to say that he couldn't have it so we became fb-friends. Then (this is the definition of cringe) he messages me, saying "I desire to kiss you". And I told him "Dude, no". And then he just kept writing, kind of nagging. And I didn't know how many days they were going to be there for... so of course I felt quite uncomfortable. Then he wrote "I think tomorrow is my last day :(" and I was just so happy about it because my parents came to visit the same day and we went out so I just unfriended him. All is well. encounter with a Spanish au pair:
So I had this app for au pairs in the UK, that was made for finding friends. Then this guy wrote to me and he seemed nice like every other person I met through the app so when he asked if I wanted to meet up I said yes. It never hurts to meet new people and get new friends. He was nice but we didn't really have much to talk about and spent a lot of time quiet and when I asked something I didn't really get many elaborate answers so he was quite boring to hang out with. Although, I thought that I could give him another chance since meeting someone for the first time can be quite strange and I didn't have many friends there yet. But then afterwards he started to tell me that I was cute and so on and I told him straight away that I was only looking for friends but then of cource he starded nagging a bit to. And told me how funny I was and so on. And he didn't seem to think I was funny or even that interesting when I met him. I didn't say anything funny at all. And I had never written anything funny either. He just started to seem kind of desperate and I don't remember how many times I told him no. I never spoke to him again. It wasn't a dating app and I wasn't looking for anyone. I'm all about the self love at the moment. I like knowing that I can be on my own and take care of myself. Dating random people doesn't interest me at all, never has. 
So, why can't boys/men understand what NO means even when you say it clearly and a million times? 
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