~Bad Timing~
Hi! So... I'm sick. Fever, headache, a waterfall as a nose, and a throat that hurts so much I'm barely talking. I were only in school for one and a half day after I got back from France. It's not really the best timing, since I missed some of school last week and I'm supposed to visit my sister in Paris at saturday. 

This evening I've seriously just been pointing at stuff and tried to use some signlanguage to talk to my mom. It's awful to feel this sick, but at the same time it's fun to see that I can communicate without words. It's also nice to not snap at my mom when she's annoying me. It's a bit more peaceful.

Although, I'm hoping I'm well soon. I want to go to Paris, keep up with school and go to my freetime activities. Now I'm gonna drink tea and make sure that I can breathe...