Hi! This past week has been amazing. Although, I've been really tired. At Sunday, I got on a plane and flew to France with parts of my French class. We went by bus from the airport and arrived in Angers at about 01:00, in the middle of the night. We were supposed to be there one hour later, so some of us had to wait outside in the cold all that time. Lou and her mother picked me up a few minutes before 02:00. We went to sleep directly when we arrived at their house... or well, after some complications. The lock on my suitcase was broken, so we had to get some tool to get it open.
At Monday, we were with our own correspondents in their classes. I think I had English and geography. After that, we had lunch. It was very different from Swedish school lunch. I already knew that though. They pay for their lunch, so they get small desserts and stuff. Another thing we swedes noticed was how badly cleaned their glasses, and all those things, were. We had to check for dirt every time we went to eat. 
In the afternoon, we left our French friends and went to Chateau d'Angers. It was really beautiful and I had a really great time with Simon, Samuel, Robin and Pierre. 
At Tuesday, we had classes again. We started earlier though, so I had four classes. One of them was a German class. I didn't really understand much that lesson, since I've never taken a singel German class in my whole life (and I'm not that amazing at French either). I understood much more at the two English lessons. In one of the classes, they learned grammar that I already knew years ago. It was pretty interesting to see the difference between English in Sweden vs France, more clearly. In the afternoon, we went to Musée de l'Ardoise, which basically is a museum for slate. We got to see how roof tiles were made, before we started to make them by machine.
At Wednesday, I only had one class in the morning. It was another English lesson, but this one was horrible. The class were supposed to make acceptance speaches, as if they'd won an Oscar. What I didn't know, was that the teacher also was going to make me talk. I therefore had to improvise the whole thing. It was far from easy and it went really bad. Afterwards, I said "I was terrible", and Lou's friend responded "Yes". Haha, I'm glad I only stayed one week. ;)
After that class, we went to a market and had to find different kinds of food. We were split into teams of two, and I worked with Simon. I painted a beautiful fish, or as we said at the time, "En redig firre". We were all done before we had to meet up with our teachers again, so we went searching for something sweet to eat. After that, we went back to school for lunch.
In the afternoon, I spent time with Tora and Hanna and our correspondents. First, we walked around in town, and then we went swimming at AquaVita. French swimming halls are so weird. They have booths to change in, and then the lockers and showers are mixed with both men and women. It's pretty different to here in Sweden, where we have separate lockerrooms for the different genders. Apparently, they think it's strange that we walk around nude around other people. 
At Thursday, we were supposed to be in classes all morning, but we skipped everything after the first class. Instead, we went to a café. When we'd finished there, we headed in to town to look around in different stores and just walk around. We also ended up at a street where there were some kind of demonstration. 
In the afternoon, we had a quiz walk. It was fun, but really hard. Not even the people who lived there knew the answers to some of the questions. I walked over 13km that day. It was worth it though, because I got to Angres better... plus the fact that Hanna, Tora and I won. The fun thing is that we gave up. Hanna and Tora walked around in stores instead (I think) and I joined Simon, Pierre and Robin. 
At Friday, we went on a long trip and were gone all day. The French were also with us, and som Irish people. First, we went to Mont-Saint-Michel, which was really cool. After that, we went to Saint-Malo. I basically only ate sweet stuff that day (except for dinner), since my sandwich got smudged all over the things I were supposed to eat. It was really gross, so I threw it away. Robin gave me and Hanna a sandwich each, in the afternoon, though. 
At Saturday, Lou and I slept until somwhere in between nine and ten in the morning. After breakfast, we went for a walk in the area where she lives. I hadn't really seen much of it before that, so I thought it could be fun. 
After lunch, Hanna and Julie came over. First, we played Wii. Hanna won. Then, we watched X-men at Lou's home theatre. I thought it was going to be a bad movie, but it wasn't, and whoah that sofa was comfortable!
In the evening, I went to a restaurant with Lou's family. I don't know the name of it, but it was in a cave. It was a very spcial place, and the food tasted really good. I actually bumbed in to Samuel there, by coincidence. I was just taking a look around with the family when I suddenly saw someone I recognised. He had to go in to the restaurant and eat though. 
In the car, on the way from the restaurant, I felt pretty happy. We played French music on hight volume and they sang along... I hummed a bit, since I didn't know the lyrics. I didn't stay up so late after that. I wanted a good night's sleep, before the long trip home.
Yesterday, I just ate breakfast, watched the second X-men movie and ate lunch before we went in to town, from where we started our long way home. All in all, I've had a good time. It was a bit weird being back in school today, but it was okay.
At saturday, I'm going to France againg. Although, this time I'm going to Paris. I'll live with my sister and her roomies, four nights. I'm going home at thursday that week. Now, I should probably sleep though. Natti Natti!
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